Thursday, February 7, 2008

Groundhogs Day

No one...and I mean NO ONE is allowed to laugh at what I'm about to post. That being said, tonight is the Groundhogs Day Party with my family...yes we celebrate Groundhogs Day...with a party, and cake, games and (no laughing) gifts. Yes I'm serious. So tonight is the party...I'm so excited! I went shopping over my lunch for all things luck. So I bought off the cuff gifts...and a few things to get the babies room started...I also did my mom's shopping because my dad is too sick for her to leave him for the festivities...this new round of chemo is kicking his butt. Anyways, I'm getting everyone lotto tickets, and mom get everyong a different to fit each of their personalities...the sisters each got a decor magazine (they own a shop that sells furniture and different hand painted item in Wapak), my cousin got horse magazines, Becca got a scrapbooking magazine and I forgot what magazine I picked out for me...which is nice because I'll be surprised!

My wonderful Grandma Sweet had a few bits of wisdom that I will cherish forever:
1. whatever you do, just don't get excited.
2. any reason for a party (she lived this out thru and thru)
3. my grandma started the trend that still holds true today, Ex's will always be a part of the family...divorce or not...they're family. She bought a house for her ex-son-in-law so her grandson would have a place to dad's ex-wife vacations with my parents, and no matter what, my Aunt Theresa will always be MY Aunt Theresa. So there it families works for us...


Sarah said...

I'm not surprised you guys have a Groundhog party. Your family is great!! You and your family have to be the most cheerful, happy go lucky people I have ever met!! Have fun at your party!