Tuesday, February 19, 2008

5 weeks from today

Five weeks from now we could potentially be adoption ready! We had our final home study on Friday 2/15/08, and we passed...we have a few things left to take care of but otherwise we are DONE! The boys still need physicals, they need our family photo, and the dogs rabies certificate, we still have two classes to complete! The boys have doctor appointments coming up tomorrow, we've got the family photo on the table ready to be faxed over any time now, the rabie certificate can be picked up any time and the classes end on 3/1/08! We are home potentially we could have a baby sleeping in our waiting nursery in, count them, FIVE WEEKS! I have butterflies just thinking of this! I'm not nervous, just excited! I want my child to fit our family. We aren't always happy and we don't always agree on everything, we're all strong willed and aren't the kind of people to let everyone else have thier way...because sometimes we like to have our way...but we always love each other...we aren't the Jones' and don't strive to be...but man we have fun! Maybe to some people she won't be perfect but she'll be ours and just like our boys that will make her perfect to us! Any one in Ohio interested in Adoption, Adopt Ohio is a wonderful program and affordable...I love love love my case worker...she's wonderful and caring...and a lot like someone I would have in a good friend...but I'm not a very good friend to other's not one of my strengths...which is sad because I have so many good friends...I wish I were a better friend...Rebecca, Sarah, Nicki, Heather, Melissa, Rachel, Hollie and Laura are always really good to me and are always encouraging and good good friends...I'm just not good at that something you can change about yourself? If I'm motivated to be a good friend, and I have good friends (all ingredients necessary to be a good friend) then can I be that good friend to others like I want to mom had 3 sisters (4 girls born within 3.5 years) so she always had sisters and therefore no friends...I don't have any sisters that I have the potential to be friends with but I have friends that have great potential but I don't know how to have friends because with us it was all about family...I should research how to be a better friend...


Sarah said...

First off, CONGRATS!! I will be praying for those 5 weeks to bring great news. I hope you have your baby girl in your arms soon, I am so happy for you guys!!

Second, you are a GREAT friend!! I know that if I needed you, I could call you and you would be here in a heartbeat. You have included me in so much of you family stuff, I have had great times with you!! Now and days it is hard to be super close to your friends, with everyone having a family to take care of. Don't worry, you are a great friend.