Friday, February 22, 2008

red and yellow black and white...

they are precious in his sight (you know the words, sing along) Jesus loves the little children of the world. So to protect the identity of the person I am writing this about I will call them 'J'. A little background before we begin. I am from Spencerville and yes it is as country as it sounds, I recently moved to Wapakoneta...Wapak is a small town in the middle of a small county...we are (to put it nicely) sheltered. When I went to the Army (4 months after my 18th birthday) I had never really met or interacted with any black people. So to say that life in the Army (7 black room mates first day there) was a culture shock is an understatement, but now I get it. People of minority aren't people to be intimidated by or cautious around...they're people. So today I was talking to J and they said that a week ago they really struggled with the idea of having a non-white relative, they knew they could love them, but to introduce them to others would be difficult for this person. Well we were looking at pictures a few days back and there was a very dark skinned little girl on the website...she's happy and beautiful and her little mouth is just has pink and perfect as can be...after seeing her, J now knows, that they can do family is far from racist but we are sheltered...but we are also loving... I don't want to change any ones opinion of my family, any one who knows us knows that we will take all and love them like our own, but we've also never had an adoption in the family...and no one has ever really married outside of our pasty whiteness. So I would like to publicly say that I appreciate S for changing J's mind.