Tuesday, February 26, 2008

why you shouldn't pay off the van...

Back in January, I got a check large enough to pay off my van...yup, 3 years early. I was so proud of myself! I love the financial freedom of only having one vehicle payment! So I was all sorts of psyched up about our savings account growing with that additional $300.00 a month! Yippee! But then this month, the day the van payment would have been due (ironic? yes) I put my window down just half way to clean the snow off and to my dismay the window won't go the shop my van goes! They happened to have two cancellations down for that day, while I had it in I might as well have the oil changed and the tires rotated. That afternoon the shop calls me and they can't get my part for my window in until Monday...and by the way, you NEED new tires...mechanic won't release it for the weekend unless you promise to take the van home and park it for the majority of the weekend...ok, no problem...I took the van back in on Monday morning and planned to pick it up that afternoon. I arrived about 5:00 p.m. and walk in...the mechanic sees me and turns three shades of green...'I hate to tell you but you need new breaks' LOL! I'll be back in the shop this time next month getting new breaks...he said that they aren't grinding yet...last night on the way home from Bible study they started grinding! Yuck! So the moral of the story is, it costs more to pay off your van then to keep making that monthly payment! Or better to have not had a vehicle payment on top of all of this happening! God was obviously looking out for me on this one!