Friday, February 29, 2008

The Results are IN!!!

This Ladies and Gentlemen is my perfect son. He has clean urine! His kidney(s) are not shutting down and if he's small then he's small but so looks like he's eating to many bananas and high potassium foods! I can always handle eliminating some of those foods as long as my little beautiful healthy sweet boy is ok! It's funny, when Lane was diagnosed, I knew what was coming. I knew it was coming on for some time it was like mothers instincts had kicked in and I knew he would be diagnosed with diabetes that day...and it was ok because I sent Todd and Lane to town that morning specifically to test for diabetes and when they did it would be positive and life would change forever, but Ethan was different...I didn't know...I couldn't research anything or ask any questions because I didn't know what to ask or research. So I just had to wait...and wait...if he has a problem with his thyroid...well in this family who doesn't...I can do thyroid...but I'm releived and happy and ready to take on anything else that might be thrown at us...and this is really random and a bit all over the place...sorry!


~HJ said...

Just out blogsurfing and found you. Congradulations on the upcoming adoption - wish you luck. Your boys are adorable. Ethan looks unstoppable. As far as the kindney issues, my dad was on dialysis. Not fun. Not fun at all. Take care.

Sarah said...

I knew he would be fine!! I am so happy for you and Ethan!!