Monday, February 11, 2008

Little Ethan...

I often talk about Lane, Braden and the upcoming, much anticipated Baby. But Ethan so often falls in the cracks. He is my good and easy child. Easy to raise, easy to talk to and easy to discipline. When Ethan was a baby he was born at 4 lbs 9 oz, he didn't cry, he didn't sleep but he didn't cry either. He just looked at us...with those BIG blue eyes that said so unwavingly 'I trust you.' Those eyes still say that...he is trusting. But yesterday he made me want to PULL MY HAIR OUT!! He was up and down and was breaking things and measuring things and he was a scientist and a bird watcher and a soldier...this would have been fine if it hadn't all happened in 20 minutes with the cycle starting over as soon as it ended! but then he does or says something that reminds me that he is such a sweet and loving child...he was being a bird watcher (at 4 degrees there were no birds to watch) so he was sitting on the back of the couch looking out the window for the birds and there just were none so he started calling them 'here boudie boudie boudie, here boudie boudie boudie' there are times when I doubt I have calculated their birthdays wrong and he's not a five year old but just my little two year old...he's the size of many two year olds...he's 41 1/2 in tall and 35 lbs. He and his cousin (she's 2.5 yrs old) wear the same size show 9.5 but I promise, he is the full 5 years that I fear he is...and I am reminded of that every time he struggles with wanting to kiss me good-bye and not wanting to in fear of looking like a wimp or a baby infront of his friends at school. (sniff)


Sarah said...

Aww, 5 seems so young to not be able to kiss momma b/c you want to look cool. That scares me, I better go get all the kisses I can from Emma now. :)

Ethan is the "little man" of the family for sure, but he is a cutie. (Not that Lane isn't, b/c he is too, he's just the "big man" of the family. lol)