Saturday, February 23, 2008

Oh so uncomfortable

disclaimer: this post has graphic material and will not be suitable for children and some adults.

If I could skip one thing in all of the would have been today. No I didn't like being so nervous I was sick over the homestudy, No I don't like the hoops we've jumped through, No I didn't like giving up my time off and many many lunch hours to get paper work and meetings and appointments done...but I would rather do all of that...some of it twice before I would want to do the class we was the sexual abuse class. I don't mind learning about the abuse and what we'll be dealing with...I don't mind talking publicly about very graphic acts...what worries me is that children have had to endure this...the class exists because children are sexually abused! We had to talk about things these children have been through, about things these children do because of the abuse and things these children will talk about...all because some sicko took this child's innocence! I think talking openly the men were even more uncomfortable than the women. Women tend to watch more Oprah or Dr Phil who will talk about these issues, so they are maybe more comfortable with the subjects...not that it was in ANY way shape or form comfortable but still maybe more comfortable then the men! Poor guys!