Saturday, February 16, 2008

blessed are we to have the mothers in the community!!

My boys were invited to a birthday party this afternoon and as I hadn't seen my parents much this week, I considered just skipping the whole thing. I had so much to do today, get mattresses for the boys beds, get my sister her crib and changing table, and shop for sheets and curtains. I just didn't think I had time for the gift shopping, party, cake, opening presents, and a clown to boot (3 hours easy). I didn't know the parents so it's not like I could drop them off for those three hours for some much needed kid-free time. So, we got up this morning and immediately got the mattresses picked up (most important part since they were selling out fast). As we were driving to go pick them up I was thinking about a party I went to as a kid, lots of girls were invited and I was the only one to was a lot of fun but I couldn't shake the thought that she would have spent the afternoon alone with cake and goody bags if my mom had been to lazy to get me there. So I called the little boys mom and RSVP'd (a little late mind you but in time for her to prepare). As we pulled up, I noticed the clown hadn't come and another friend from school was leaving. When I met the birthday boy, he wasn't at all what I expected, I have five year olds and he was turning 3...and so the party began, plenty of family came and a few young cousins but mostly adults. Soon the clown showed up and was going through her bag of tricks, I noticed as the young audience sat entranced by a clown (quickly losing their interest) that my boys, and one other girl were the only kids from school. They had rented a clown for their kids and three the act went on the clown started giving out candy and I don't feed my kids candy (Lane's sugar is hard enough to control without the extra carbs to figure) so I asked them to not take any candy from the clown and I would get them a treat later...the act seemed to last forever and soon I noticed that Birthday Boys Mom was taking off her jacket, she had two Wal Mart bags at her feet...sugar free candy. Let me summarize what great act of love, empathy and generosity I have just witnessed, a mother left her three year olds birthday party for probably a good 30 minutes to make sure one boy, one diabetic for one afternoon feel normal and accepted and hopefully he'll never know that he didn't get all the same candy as every one else...she also offered to learn how to do afternoon snack so that he can come over for play dates. I truly am blessed to live in this community, the people are loving and generous...and they don't push us under the rug so as not to deal with our situation, they face it head on with a willingness to accept, learn and love...I hear so often of mothers saddened for their children who are avoided because of diabetes, mine is embraced. I am blessed.