Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Getting Life in Order...

Sometimes life is too much...there's too much to do, too much stuff and too much time. When my Dad passed in July, my Aunt Dina went through the house busying the 15 children with cleaning and helping...but then everyone went home, my brother went back to NY with his wife and 3 kids, my sister back to Urbana with her 4 kids, my other sister back to Lima with her 4, and there we were. My Mom and me...I went back to work/home, and she didn't. Mom never worked outside the home, she paints "hand-painted furniture" for her sisters shop in Wapak (ever in OH stop by Wapakoneta's Casa Chic - - cutest shop in Wapakoneta). But her sisters then wanted her to stay busy, so they brought her furniture to paint...and then the paint came out to paint the pieces, and then more furniture came out...and pretty soon she was in over her head, so I took off Thursday, Friday and Monday to help get things where they needed to go, and I have to say, we did a pretty damn good job! We got all of her living space back to living space, we got her furniture into storage space and the pieces she's working on, into her work space, we organized her paints and threw away the stuff she isn't keeping, took a load to Goodwill and got moving in the right direction. I also got to have a lot of good conversations about what she wants, where she can go from here and just in general good talking. We talked about whether she would date someday, and at first she wasn't really willing to discuss it...she thought I would be against it...I'm not at all! We talked about if she would move, where she would go, and when. We talked about classes she could/should and interior decorating, I think she would love it! And I got to tell her that I resent Lou for coming in and making this huge mess, going through and taking what he wanted and leaving the rest for us to deal with (that I don't resent) but do I resent that he then said that when Mom passes and I get everything, he's going to keep his thumb on me until I get it he isn't because I refuse to be bullied into taking off time to get the house ready for sale when he's not here doing his part, I would lose vacation time doing it and only get equal shares from the house. So he will wait until I have it done...I will not be bullied by him...I was for a long time, I was bullied and guilt tripped and I refuse to ever be under his thumb again.