Friday, October 17, 2008

Top Ten Favorites

Lane and Ethan are both very different and unique, I have very vivid memories of each of them...they're as different now as they were when they were just moments old. When we found out we were having twins we were shocked...I wondered then what it was going to be like, and I often hear of twins having to strive for their own identity, but with the boys, we've never had a problem. So here is a list of my favorite memories from them as individuals

Lane Michael:
10. When Lane Michael was six months old, he was fitted for a helmet that would correct the shape of his skull, he never cried, even with this helmet on, he never knew/cared/cried.

9. Lane started singing when he was just a few months old, he would hum with whoever was holding him, or even just the radio, he loved/loves to sing.

8. When Lane Michael was three he wanted something for Christmas that sounded to us like "train" but two weeks before Christmas we took him to the eye doctor who asked what he wanted for Christmas Lane told him, the doctor turned towards me and said 'oh a transformer would be fun' THANK YOU DR FLECK we never would have guessed and it was the only thing he wanted and asked was also the only thing he played with!

7. Before Lane was diagnosed with diabetes, he would really struggle at meal times, so my Dad would take him to the shop and "work" until dinner was ready, it was the only way to calm Lane down for about a year before diagnosis.

6. When Lane was diagnosed, I walked into the PICU and there laid my three year old, so tiny in that big bed, he opened his eyes slowly, and said very soothingly "Mom, I have diadabetes"

5. My friend Rachel made the boys blankets to come to Ohio with, she sent them down with my Mom, Lane hasn't put his down went to Petersburg with us last weekend.

4. Lane started singing early but my all time favorite songs he sings are "Hey hey You you, I don't like your boyfriend" "Shot through the heart" and "I love you" which is shouting "I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I LOVE YOU" the last line is screamed. Precious.

3. Listening to Lane Michael say his prayers at night, he started when he was barely able to talk, now he says them like a pro!

2. Taking Lane to Cedar Point this summer...he's usually very cautious about what we do with them, but he rode and loved roller coasters and water slides, it was the best!

1. I went shopping with the boys when they were two, I was trying on jeans, and Lane said shocked and sympathetically "Mom those jeans make your butt look HUGE" LOL!!! My little shopping buddy!


10. When the boys were being treated for jaundice, they were under the Billy Ruben lights and Ethan got his little knees up under himself and scooted until he found Lane the nurse said that she could tell he'd be my bad one...not bad, just energetic

9. During my pregnancy Ethan had the hiccups was fun at first...but a little annoying after the first few months

8. When Ethan was 18 months old he was "helping" my Dad work out in the shop, I went out to get them for dinner and Ethan was in the door way dancing, he got so excited and was going to pick up both legs and fell right on his butt, it was cutest thing ever!

7. Ethan didn't sleep for the first six months of his life, I swear he didn't...I was exhausted, and he was not! GRR! LOL!!

6. When Ethan was about 20 mos old he took a real interest in playing ball, he could catch,, whatever! At 3 he could play ball with a 4 ft basket and at 4 he could play with a 6 ft basket...he's a TINY kid, so that's way smaller than the average 3 and 4 yr old.

5. At my Dad's funeral everyone was fine, holding it together, we all sat down, and just as the pastor started to speak Ethan let out the loudest sob ever, everyone started crying, we just needed him to get us started.

4. Ethan has the bluest eyes and the blackest hair. My aunt who's older than my Dad said she's never seen a kid look more like my Dad than Ethan. I love that about him

3. The first time I tried to give Lane Michael a shot, Ethan tackled me and screamed "that's my blother!!"

2. Ethan loves stuffed animals more than any kid I know. He carries them, plays with them and loves them. Strange for a boy!

1. Ethan truly believes he's part monkey, he can climb any tree you ask of him and will eat bananas just because they're monkey food!

Ok and because I can't resist, I'm going to list some of the best things about twins

They weren't identical but they still spoke their own language, the one that sticks out most in my mind was them called each other "Nonnie"

They held hands a lot for the first year!

They slept in the same crib for about the first year!

They love each other as much as I love them.

I can love them so much, so deeply and so independently from each other!


Sarah said...

Those are some awesome memories!!! What cuties you have!!!