Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Girls Night Out and Halloween (edited)

Tonight for the first time in a long time I will be going out with the girls! You read that right, I'm going to dinner at the yummiest restaurant in town! Lock 16 here we come! YUM! I love Lock 16, we went there one night with the boys, we took Happy Meals for them because I was too new to Diabetes to figure Lane's meal, the manager met me at the door telling me he couldn't allow the extra food in the restaurant, I said Ok, and asked for all nutritional info for everything they serve, he some how saw it in his heart to let us in with Happy Meals and told us we were always welcome to bring our own food in, what a nice guy! They have a seafood platter that is fresh and yummy and more food than I could eat in one sitting...I think I'll order that! Heather and Sarah (friends all through high school) and I have recently reconnected and all need a night out! We also plan on going Christmas shopping together! I'm very excited! I've never actually gone shopping with someone!

Ok, and the Halloween edit...we went costume shopping last night and they both changed their minds...they don't want to be a ninja or a pirate...they instead, both want to be bloody doctors with bloody knives...yuck! LOL!! I'm hoping the littler cousins at the party and trick-or-treating won't be scared or grossed out by them! They're both very excited, Ethan had picked his pirate costume when Lane Michael decided on his costume and looked at Lane's costume with big longing eyes, and I asked if he was ok with a pirate...he wasn't so he switched over! They're little Dr. Kevorkian's! LOL!! What a fun year!


Sarah said...

I can't wait for girls night!! Much much much needed!!!!!