Wednesday, October 15, 2008

When you take Christ out of Christmas

I have family and friends (no names - no judgement) who don't believe in God. I'm scared for them and worried for them. But I'm also bothered by them. When they give/get Christmas gifts...why? It's just another day, nothing special, just a day, just a cold day. What right do you have to celebrate a holiday you don't believe in? To benefit from the birth of my Savior, who you don't even believe in. You should be at work (if it falls on a week day) You should be treating it with no more grandeur than any other day, you should not be eating feasts, shopping and making up Christmas lists. But Christians as a whole are too polite to tell you to go home, you are not welcome at our Christmas celebration, because you do not believe in Christ. I do love my neighbor, treat him as I would want to be treated, but Christmas is one of the many perks to being a Christian...I feel the same way about people taking Good Friday and Easter off work. Those are not holidays for non-Christians. The thing is, non-Christians don't respect Christians or Christianity enough to care that they are disrespecting God and Jesus by celebrating, they just want the gifts.