Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Good Ole Days

Germany was great, I did a lot of traveling while I was there...we went to Switzerland during the fall and the first day they gave us a wake board and sent us down the rapids, it was fun and dangerous and I'd do it again in a heart beat! The next day we went canyoning (we were jumping off water falls into the pools at the bottom) it was so great! We got about 1 mile into the 2 mile course, and someone (just playing around) pretended to push me off the waterfall...except I actually fell and broke my ankle, the waterfall was about 12 ft tall so I was pretty lucky that it was just my ankle, the guide offered to have me medi-vaced out...but I didn't have a pass to be in Switzerland, so if they found out I was in Switzerland when this happened I would get into trouble, so instead we took off my wet suit shoes and put my foot in the water to slow the swelling, then we finished the course by lowering me down the water falls on a rope seat, thank God we had three really strong guys with us! Then at the end we had to climb a HUGE hill 89 degrees (I swear) so the female guide told me to start climbing on my hands and knees and no matter what, don't stop, I got a few feet up and she put her shoulder against my hip and seriously pushed me up this hill, I was trying to help but I'm sure I was completely helpless and she has just carrying me, it was hysterical, she was so tiny and there were lots of men she could have had help but she just did it! It was awesome, I ended up breaking my ankle pretty bad...that was in late August 2001, I walked in my brothers wedding September 3, 2001 and on September 12 I had to have the cast removed so that I could help pull guard duty, the doctors shot my ankle full of steriods and pain killers, gave me a gun and put me to work, my unit was the only unit on the installation and we were a detachment, we had a total of 35 people in our unit, take out the Commander, Chief and 1st SGT, the pregnant females and crazy or profile males and what you're left with are slim pickings, we didn't get relieved until November and even then they didn't send enough soldiers to cover us! We had General Meigs in Heidelberg, and they found out our Class 6 girl (very good friend to everyone on post) and our barber (nice enough guy) were terrorists...Class 6 even had letters of Osama Bin Laden in her apartment and pics and supplies to bomb the installation, very scary stuff! But because of having the cast taken off so soon, my ankle never healed right, so now my ankle hitches when I run, walk, squat, do stairs, it doesn't hurt that bad, just hitches...Did 9/11 directly affect you?