Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I have so much to do while we wait but what if we wait almost a year and have nothing to do while we wait and then what if the day after we're licensed we get our call and we aren't, I will be ready. My cousin and I are going to pinstripe the room. Todd and I are going to get a crib...maybe paint it and maybe not. I'm going to get my bassinet from whoever I get it from and garage sales here I come! I will be ready...and then I will wait. To occupy the months that stretch ahead of us...a lightless tunnel...we will entertain ourselves...we will work with our boys on kindergarten skills, we will prepare for and enjoy our first summer vacation since we left Texas, I will work, and day dream (preferrably not at the same time) I will try to memorize the order of the books of the Bible, I will learn to do the hair of a little girl...whether she be white, black, asian, mixed, I will learn to do little girl hair, we will enjoy the summer and I will close our daughter's bedroom door. I will distract myself. I have two wonderful children and I enjoy them and each of their strengths, each of their personalities...and quite frankly I'm enjoying this new found independence. Last month they turned five, and something in them changed...Lane stopped fussing, Ethan started cooperating at school and they both have matured into little boys...they have likes and dislikes...Lane loves puzzles...I might venture to say that he has the memory of an elephant...but I'm a biased mommy...that and he beats me at memory and puzzle races hands down! Ethan is loving and affectionate...well he was when he was I have a hard time getting him to slow down long enought to kiss me...he plays basketball and loves it...I really should get them a YMCA membership...or maybe just take them outside to play more...I hate the winter weather...I hate everything about it...I just want to take my kids outside to play...but I don't like going out during the winter...Ethan has no immune system, and it seems like *knock on wood* that this is the first winter he hasn't been sick the WHOLE maybe we're onto something! Of course, we're in a new house and our lifestyle has maybe he's come out of it...and maybe his body is just beginning to mature enough to fight off the common cold. Anyways, back to what I will do to entertain myself while I wait...I will enjoy my children and give them the attention and the one on one time that they deserve.


Erin said...

I just read your comment, and this has NOTHING to do with your post, but I grew up in Celina and a bunch of my family lives in wapak!

Sarah said...

Ok, so it took me to now to figure out that you have a blog. So of course, I sat down and read all your entried (of course with interruptions from Emma. lol). Lynne, you are an amazing woman! You handle everything life has thrown at you like such a champ. Some of your blogs have brought me to tears and then at the next sentence made me laugh. You are a wonderful friend and I will keep you and your family in my heart and will pray for everything to turn out great for you. You deserve it!!