Thursday, October 16, 2008

Huge Compliment!!

I love love LOVE my house! I do! Our first house was a farm OLD farm house (IRL friends can vouch) it left a lot to be desired (no exaggeration) it had a lot of potential that I could never make it live up to, the house was huge and wood work was breath taking, but it was cold, the bathroom was UGLY and the orange shag carpet was starting to wear thin, so we sold it and bought our new home, which is beautiful! So when the local specialty shop approached me about shooting parts of their commercial in my house....well that just made me all-a-flutter! So tonight, they will choose between my bedroom (red twall) or my living room with the most beautiful wooden shudders you've ever seen...I think they'll go with the living room and shudders...either way, I'm having a commercial shot at my house...and the actress is none other than my neice...she'll be doing all the local specialty shops commercials, there are at least 7 different shops using her! Go Hailey, she was made for the camera! She has deep brown eyes, fiery red curls and olive skin, and a natural beauty mark under her right eye! Gorgeous! I'm so terribly excited!!